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Advice on solutions/actions required to rising trend of domestic and youth violence

A few Muslim communities in a western country are facing a rising trend in domestic and youth violence. These are communities with immigrants & recent converts. Continue reading

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jewish heritage

after a long and strenuous effort i have through genetic geneanology found out that my ethnicity is jewish. i finally feel peace in my heart and mind. i still continue to follow the naqshbandi tariqa though. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: need help in illness

i ahve been sick for many years.i was under black magic for so long which have been treated for, but the Continue reading

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Marrying a singer

Ive gone through much pain and trials in my life and Im now of marriage age and Allah (SWT) has clearly shown me my future spouse . I receive many proposals from pious families, but Ive been shown over and over again that my spouse is a rising Pakistani singer, Continue reading

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to die before you die

During a weekend workshop in association with Sheikh Hassan Dyck from Germany the mystical notion of “die before you die” was explored and I started to grasp a sense of what it might mean, (relative to my extremely narrow understanding, of course.) Continue reading

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Prayer Request: pray for us to have a child

My wife has Hypo-thyroid and its been 4 yrs since we’re married and never conceived Continue reading

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taweez i have to change my ink into a special ink with no urea or just use the normal one? Continue reading

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cure with my hands

Whenever i have a pain i rub both my hands {i read in Maulana’s book that in both hand they make a total of 99 } Continue reading

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Dream: Red Devil

In my sleep I felt like somebody climbed onto my bed and I could feel the footsteps and movements very close to me. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Get Jam while sleeping

When I am used to sleep tight sometimes some force holds me very tightly and I feel a big pressure on me and I can not move myself. I something like try to fight and hardly move myself and it happened so many times with me. Continue reading

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