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Sharifah descendent of noble Prophet married with me

I’m now married to a sharifah, but I’m not a sayyid. Problem is we married through wali hakim, not her own father (wali mujbir/nasab). She loves me and chose me as her husband… Continue reading

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Is Daniyal a permissable Muslim name?

I am a Christian European woman married to a Muslim Egyptian man. We are expecting a baby boy. Our son is going to live in our both countries. That is why, we want to chose for him a Muslim name with good meaning but also reflecting our both cultures. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: pray for my friend.

One of my friend has got suicidal tendency..and I don’t know what to suggest please pray for him cause he is in extreme condition and he may commit suicide any time. Continue reading

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Permission To Go Hajj Next Month

Yaa Sayidi Madad ul Haq Maulana Syaikh Hisyam Kabbani,
I want permission insyaallah to go Hajj Next Month. Is there any special awrad that I can do as long as there Continue reading

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Concerning the Absence of an Imam

In Sahih al-Bukhari, it is reported than when the Prophet (sallallahu aleyhi wasallam) warned Hudhayfa (radiallahu anhu) of people calling to the gates of Hellfire, he (sallallahu aleyhi wassallam) warned to stick with the Jama’a and their Imam. Continue reading

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permission for wedding outside

My name is [private] and my mothers name is [private]. I live in [private]. I am [private]. A friend of mine introduced me to her cousin called [private] who lives in [private]. her mothers name is [private]. she is [private]. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: mercy from immigration officers not get deported

I can to school in Canada but things go hard. I lost dad within 6 month. I was depress and I was advice by someone to change my name which was very hard for me. Continue reading

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Nur Mohammad

From hadith, it is said Nur of Rasulullah (SWS) was the first creation of Allah(JJ). From Quran, it is said that everything was created in pairs. How do we understand this ayah with perspective of Rasulullah’s noor? Continue reading

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sunni publishing

Please I want to know what are the Sunni publishing houses one should consider when buying Islamic books and what are some online good stores where to buy correct translations of classical Islamic books… Continue reading

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Name for first born child

Alhamdulillah my wife is expecting our first child in November insha-allah and it has been revealed to be a boy. I however am having trouble as my father would like to choose the name and this has upset my wife as she feels she has no say in the matter. How do I resolve this? Or what name should I choose. Continue reading

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