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Dua e Manzil

I have previously had a miscarriage with my first pregnancy and am pregnant again alhumdulillah. I am feeling really anxious about this pregnancy so I was wondering if I can get permission to recite dua e manzil? Continue reading

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Please ask salam to my Murshidi Shaikh Nazim (Daam Zilla Alaina).By the grace of Allah Almighty I’m an Islamic Scholar and I have ijazah of Aahadees Books with 34 other books with complete Asnaad. Continue reading

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Assalamo Alaikum, I have a question that I would like to know to help me increase my knowledge. After Shaikh Nazim and Shaikh Hisham Kabbani’s speeches many times I hear they say the words “Al Fatiha” so I lift my hands to read the whole Surah Fatiha but before I can finish they are done within only 1-2 seconds. Continue reading

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Is this marriage valid ?

J ai rencontré une femme et apres quelques mois de frequentation j ai decidé de ne pas conclure par le marriage. Quelques jours apres cette femme m apelle pour me dire qu il y a un cheikh representant de mawlana qui est a Paris et part le lendemain que ce serai bien que je le voi avant qu il parte. Continue reading

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Donating Qurban

1. Is it permissible / possible to give qurban of parts of a cow with the intention of it benefiting a person who is not living? I’d like to include my grandmother who has passed on. Kindly advise. Continue reading

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Dream: Dream: Blessed Grave Of Hadhrat Umer Farooq(R.A)

I saw a grave and it had boundary both were made of natural mud and pebbles, it was on cliff of natural height. I was with my two friends and I said it is the grave of Hazrat UMER E FAROOQ E AZAM (R.A) and said “Do u you know they all are alive”… Continue reading

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Umm Hiram Hala Sultan

I have a question regarding a confusion of something. Hala Sultan Maqam is that of Umm Hiram bint Milhan (may Allah be pleased with Her), I have read or heard two versions of who she actually is, some brothers in Tariqa say that she was the youngest sister of Bibi Halima (r.a)… Continue reading

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How to become Murid, different bayat

In scha ALLAH you are fine. [...] Is it still possible to become murid of Schaykh Hischam Alkabbani (hafidhahuLLAH) and how does it work? Although I would like to ask what kind of bayah it is you have to take and if it conflicts with other bayat [...] Continue reading

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Qurb un-Nabi

This is a hard question for me. I’m trying to be grounded in my life and heart and to be strong with my belief. It’s hard.
Recently I was pondering about the greatness of our Nabi (peace be upon him) and the verse which say wa’lamu anna fikum RasoulAllah. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Istikhara

There is a man who is interested in me and he wants to meet my father first. The guys name is [private], father: [private], and mother: [private]; they live in Pakistan. Continue reading

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