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parental disapproval

Asalamoalaikum I’m a Catholic & I love a Muslim. We have been together for 8 years & now want to get married but both are parents disagreed of it, his parents have spoken for marriage to Mualana & he says that if I get married to him with in a year he will die… Continue reading

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Are we a good match?

Him and I both are Syeds and I love him deeply because he makes my imaan stronger and encourages me to be closer to ALLAH. We both intend to marry but his moods often fluctuate due to his father being against love marriage. Continue reading

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Dream: syeds?

im a sayyid mash Allah so i wanted to know please pray for imam mahdi atfs return and for me and my family to aid him as one of his 313 also for our success in duniya and akhirat Continue reading

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Using Muslim jin to fight witchcraft

I have read some where which said al-Imam Shafie said its “be necessary to or in my language harus” to use the service of Muslim jins to fight witchcraft. While other mazhab didn’t put it “be necessary to”. I want to know the authentication of this fatwa. Continue reading

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Naqsh e Sulaimaini

Can you please tell about the book ‘Naqsh e Sulaimaini’. Its history. Continue reading

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Islamic Studies

First of all Ramadan Mubarak! My name is [private]. I am 2_ years old and from the Netherlands. I am an beginner in this Tariqah. In-sha-Allah I want to start Islamic studies after Ramadan. Continue reading

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Izajah Hizib/Dua As syamsy

May Allah Increase your maqam, and please make du’a for me. I want to ask permission/izajah to read hizb/du’a as syamsy wa duha ha. Continue reading

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Permission for Hajj 2014

I would like to ask for permission for Hajj for this year, 2014, for myself and my husband.
Also I request you to please pray for my mother, who dislocated her Hip recently, and had to undergo surgery and is still not completely well/mobile. Continue reading

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Secret in Abu Bakr RA Heart

salam !
Is there any hadith or athar that Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam put the secret in Abu Bakr RA’s heart? Plz give me its references. Continue reading

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Dream by Tahir Siddiqui

There was a post titled Dream; kun faykun posted on 31st oct 2011 by Tahir Siddiqui. it spoke at length about the concept of Allah giving the powers to an individual to say “Be” and it will be… kun faya kun. it was mentioned in the post that its reference can be found in the hadith quds… Continue reading

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