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Prayer Request: trying Surah ad-Dhuha

I’ve been asked for Du’a to help me to letting go the man that I loved after 7 years of relationship I decided to broke with him cause I can’t support anymore the situation that been created between us… Continue reading

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History of dua’a of Prophet Dawood A.S.

786. Asalamu ‘alaikum. Please, where does dua’a of Prophet Dawood alaihi salam comes from? What is the story related to it? If you don’t mind, to tell us where does it come from. Is there a hadith about it? Continue reading

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Dream: Crying over losing virginity in dream

Last night I saw a dream in which I was about to marry the man of my choice & I was so terrified at the thought that I have lost my virginity to someone I don’t even remember in the dream and I cry a lot, and so ashamed, I tell my mom & sister that I can’t marry that person anymore because of this… Continue reading

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Dream: Ishtekhara

I did ishtekhara for 7 nights for marriage with a girl and on the seventh night I saw a dream that the same girl is walking with her friend coming in my direction. She was talking to her friend normally. Continue reading

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Prayers/Guidance for saving my marriage

I asked this question: …prayer_request/help-in-saving-my-marriage-please/ I followed advice (not too regularly initially) and other duas and prayers but so far the situation has not improved. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Umrah

I have the intention of doing Umrah this year, as well as strengthening my recitation of the Holy Quran InshaAllah as it has become very weak. Continue reading

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Bismillah Rahmani Raheem

Salam alaikum. May Allah reward you for helping Muslims. I request please you pray for me. I met a nice women, she has nice character, she’s humble, she’s dutiful to her parents brothers and sisters, she’s caring, she’s honest and she involved in religious activities for kids. Continue reading

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Bed Bugs

Here some of my friends telling that for bed bugs, Nabi Muhammed sallelahu alihi wassalam make dua for it and this guys telling that once Nabi Muhammed sallelahualihi wasallam was sleeping in the time of fajar and this beg bugs bite him (Nabi Muhammed sallelahuali wassallam) Continue reading

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Instructions in dream

I had a dream a few months ago where I was putting up a gate with a small hole and the blessed Prophet (SAW) walked up to me and told me not to put that gate because it will lead to problems. Continue reading

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Ijazah for Hizib Wiqoyah

May Allah give blessing for us. I would like to have ijazah for this hizib for dealing with my Job as a teacher. I often get a problem to control the flowing energy both human and Jin that disturb my job in teaching my students. Continue reading

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