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Prayer Request: istikhaara for Marriage

I would like to know whether it is in my best interest to marry [private] can someone do an istikhaara for me? Continue reading

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Hadith on Women in Paradise

Is there an authentic hadith that says: “I entered Paradise and found that the majority of its inhabitants were women.”? Continue reading

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Prayer Request: marriage for me and my sister

i am a 39 year old woman with a 42 year old sister both wanting to get married and settledown…. Continue reading

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Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

I was wondering if you could tell me the station of Bawa Muhaiyaddeen? Because I find it difficult to understand a few of what he is saying. Some of what he says makes sense because of the culture that we share… Continue reading

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Istikharah Marriage request for Sheikh Hisham.

i have met a girl who i intend to marry , her name is [private] she is frm US, and my name is [private], im from UK, Sheikh Hisham could u please give guidance if this is a marriage i should pursue. Continue reading

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turbans & tasbihs

Would you recommend wearing a turban out and about in a completely non-muslim area? Or is it showing off? I read (Ibn AtaAllah) that it’s good to do so much tasbih that people think you’re showing-off. Do you know why this might be (the showing-off bit) and would it apply walking about in my non-muslim area Continue reading

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Dream: dream about name

I had a dreamed that someone mentions the name “sheiks Nazim al Haqqani”. after that I wokeup… Continue reading

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plz help most urgent

My father is facing jaidad problems since ages : [private] in gujrat is not being sold , new muslim town lahore and .is facing agreement problem his youngest brother. The deceased brothers put obstacles so the property goes to no one Continue reading

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Question about moving countries

SA Sidi, My husband and I live in Sweden and we are getting anxious about our children(3 and 5) growing up here. Continue reading

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Dream: dreaming of local people

also dreamt of another local girl. (in real life ive been ill for 8 months) and in the dream i told her. she said something that made me find a suitable practitioner in real life as soon as i woke up. Continue reading

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