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My name is [private] 2 years before I met a girl [private]. I thought to marry her after my graduation,soon we fought for some reason during my exams and i say sorry again and again and pray but she didn’t forgive . Continue reading

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Loves one

I love someone who i work with but she said she doesn’t like me and is interested in someone else. Every thing was ok for the first 2 months. Then she slowly stopped talking to me. Continue reading

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Jazak Allah for giving me the wazifa to recite to soften the hearts of the parents of the man i want to marry & for them to agree to this marriage insha Allah. Is there anything else i could read or do to make this task easy? Continue reading

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Girl has lost hope, her father and sister not allowing her

I love a girl from 7 years she also loves but her father and and her sister don’t allow her to marry me and the girl I loved lost her hope. Continue reading

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Regarding Dua of Hazrat Dawood

Assalamulaikum!! Thank you for answering my previous questions, I have one more question regarding Dua of Hazrat Dawood, do we just have to wear tawiz or we have to read duwa everyday?? Continue reading

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Grandshaykh’s Prescription for Pregnancy

Date Recipe of Grandshaykh `Abdullah al-Fa’iz ad-Daghestani for those who seek have children: Continue reading

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Changing the Name

I’d posted this request earlier also but didnt get a response from your side. Continue reading

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A good family has asked my hand for their son, but the son wanted to meet me first before he could make a decision. I met him once and he is insisting that we should meet again, first time i met him mashallah he seemed like a good guy. Continue reading

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Du`a of Sayyidina Dawud whether to pray or no

I love a guy & we both initially started talking with intention of marriage but due to some reasons we broke up & stopped talking but still i love him & don’t feel like marrying any other person apart from him but now he says that he only wants to sleep with me once. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: prayer for job and marriage

My sister Nausheen Nawaz is jobless and single please pray that she find a good husband and a good and my mother are worried for her Continue reading

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