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It is permitted for Muslims to be obsessed with Allah and Rasul, apostles, prophets, angels, Islam and so on. But not for ordinary people even Sultonul Awliya’ as they are not infallible. Continue reading

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Hazrat Dawood’s (A.S) Dua

AOA, I read somewhere on this website about Hazrat Dawood’s dua for love, Can you please give me permission to read it? Continue reading

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Prayer Requested Love Between Wife and Husband

Salaam Brothers & Sister
I need Help i been married for 3 years and i dont have any feelings or love for my husband at all Please Help Me He loves me but i don’t What should i do to increase love between us and I end of living a beautiful life Continue reading

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Dua for Study

As salamu aliakum,
I am applying to medical programs this year and I am forever stressing over them. I have not heard back from any schools yet and I was wondering if there was any dua or surah I could recite so that I could be more at ease and get accepted into the program of my choice for this fall. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Ya Wadud

to get back love from husband Continue reading

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Left wazifa

Assalam o Alaikum I wanted to ask that from six days i haven’t read my wazifa which was for forty days so should i read it all together in one day?? Like 600 x of 6 days and 100 x of the regular one or do I’ve to start again??
Please make dua for me and the one I love. God bless you
Continue reading

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Getting my love back

Salam alkuim.. hey my name is [private] and I want my love back as soon as possible as I am leaving to university this year and soon I am going to leave my college… Continue reading

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It’s urgent

There’s a guy in my college. I really love him. We were in relationship for about a year…he left me because of my family because my family knew about us and he doesn’t want me to be in problem or himself…. Continue reading

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Rights of Parents

My last few submissions were unanswered. Can you kindly reply to this at [private]. How should one take care of aging parents and fullfill their rights while living in a different country. I work abroad so I can support myself and my parents. Their visas got rejected, so they can’t move with me. I call them often, and offer them money whenever needed. However, I feel I am not at all fullfilling the rights of my parents since I live far. Can you give me some ideas on how can I make them really happy, take care of them while still living abroad, as if I return home, it will be financially difficult for me and them. Please pray for my parents and my sibling with special needs. Continue reading

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Can I donate bone marrow

I just wanted to know if in Islam you are allowed to donate bone marrow, it’s something I’ve looked into and I would really like to do. Continue reading

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