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Still hoping for the girl who is now married to someone else

i have a problem where i was in a relationship with a girl for the past 3 years which at the same time she is having a relation with her boyfriend for almost 5 years. she broke up with the bf and wanted to us to marry and we almost got engaged, but i found out that she is still contacting and meeting the bf. Continue reading

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Couple questions about Duah Hazrat Dawood (as)

I was given permission from this site to recite the duah hazrat dawood for a man that i love and wish to marry; however, i have a couple questions. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: marriage problem

Please can I have permission to pray dua Daud, alayhis salam? I wanted to get married to someone and he also wanted to marry me, but because of some trust issues he has decided to stop talking to me. Continue reading

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Want to marry my friend

Me and one of my friend had very deep friendship almost one year. She treat me like a brother. We used to speak everyday. Nothing haram. Sometimes Islamic matters and common subject like that. Continue reading

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There is a boy who used to love me a lot. he promised to get married to me. after a few days he moved to different city. first 3 months he was ok. after that he has a friend there who introduced him with another girl. Continue reading

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Wazifa for proposal approval

A proposal is going to come for me after 3 days. We all want them to approve it. already many proposals have come n gone but nobody approved. Now my parents r really worried about me n loosing hopes. plz reply me soon with some wazifa to recite so that they answer positively. Continue reading

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Belief regarding Imam Mahdi (as)

I would like to know the beliefs of Ahlesunnah wal Jama’ah regarding Imam Mahdi(as) Continue reading

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plz give me permission

a/a i am a student and i am following sufism i need permission for Quranic verse which connects my heart with divine power of ALLAH. Continue reading

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Procedure for Chilla for 40 days

Can i sit chilla for a specific time say for example daily from 1.00pm to 3.00pm regularly for 40 days or more. Continue reading

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Need urgent advice

Please tell me truthfully about this person [private]. He is part of our family but what we all need to know is that what is he doing on us. Continue reading

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