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For wazaif and dua

I love a person alot and waiting for him from years.I do n’t want to marry anyone except him.Can you do dua for me and tell me about any fast thing that ALLAH creat love in his heart for me and he will make me his bride as soon as possible.It is the matter of my life and death because I can’t love any other person. Continue reading

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Need Ruqya with permission to use

My whole family including me are victimized by black magic, confirmed by some spiritual persons. Continue reading

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I want to know if you need permission to do hazarat daud by someone you know or by a sheikh/ imam? Continue reading

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aoa sir i love a person bt he left me from 6 months.. Continue reading

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Black Magic

I have two daughters and after that for many years I have not been able to conceive. I have sihir done on me to stop me from having any more children. I also regularly have dreams of dogs and snakes chasing me. Continue reading

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To get loved and marry

I love a girl but she didn’t love me. I want to marry her. Please suggest me a wazeefa that she should love me and should come to me. And remain mine through out the life as my better half. Continue reading

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Thank you so much for helping needy people. Continue reading

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For marriage proposal

i have some problem for my marrige i am 30 years old but not got marrige when ever i got any marrige praposal than some problem rise and finaly the praposal refused for other side sometime our side Continue reading

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Classical Islamic Scholars on 786

Salaam. Whats view of classical islamic scholars on writing 786 (particularly)..
Continue reading

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Yes or no can a women be president of a country and what are the other politician jobs allowed

like president of the united states and can she be judge of a court and she can sentence men and women to justice like a female judge can be in service of a men lawyers and victims and what are the other jobs of the politicians? Continue reading

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