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As Salaamu Alaikum. I would like to know can hasad (envy) change your Taqdeer? I know that it can cause physical illness, but can it change the Divine Decree of Allah in aspects like getting married, having children etc.? Continue reading

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Prayer Request: بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم

I took a loan of money from my Financial institution and I am paying ribaa on that amount.
What can I do so Allah ta’ala forgive me this? Is there anyway to expiate this? Continue reading

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Is it haram/sin to be arrogant and proud?

Salam Walaykum, Is it a must law to be humble? Continue reading

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Join Salatul Tarawi Late

How to proceed when you arrive late to the masjid and the jamat is already praying tarawih. Should we pray salatul isha first alone and then join? Thanks and Salam.
Continue reading

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Seeing Holy Kaaba for the first time

Can you please indicate the best prayer to recite when one sees the Holy Kaaba for the first time? Continue reading

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I a reverted to Islam about two years ago, my wife is an atheist and currently is not supportive of my practice. She constantly scoffs at me for eating halal, not drinking alcohol, and praying five times a day. Continue reading

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Are skin products/cosemtics and make-up are halal?

Like pimples, scars, and other skin flaws. You are not changing you appearance just restoring back to its original and do Muslim countries have these products like lotions, zit creams, wrinkle cream, and scar creams? Continue reading

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VERY URGENT:Divorce while Drunk

One of my friend, he was drunk and was informed later that he fought his wife and gave talaq. This guy does not remember anything and he says that I can say that by putting my hand on Quran in front of 40 people that I don’t remember anything. Continue reading

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Flight attendants and Ramadan

What is the islamic ruling on flight attendants who fly internationally daily and fasting Ramadan? I would feel awful not fasting a whole month because of my work. Is it permissible to feed 60 homeless people a day for that purpose? Continue reading

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Zakat for a Family own gold

A family is having huge debt and has no income for supporting their life expenses daily. They depend on others’s generosity.A friend of mine wants to give his zakat for them but he found out that family actually has more than 150gram gold/silver as investment… Continue reading

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