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Marrying Distant Aunt

Can I get married to the niece of my maternal grandmother? She is the daughter of my mother’s maternal uncle. She calls my mother ‘sister’ and she is my distant aunt. Is it halal for me to marry her? Continue reading

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Can a Muslim man or woman become a veterinarian?

Is it halal to be an animal doctor? If so what happens to pigs and dogs and crows as your patients.
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Fluoride content in water

I heard a scholar say that drinking tap water is not halal as it contains fluoride which contains poison. He also said that you cant cook with such water. Continue reading

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I have read a plaque on a masjid board that stated that there is no greater intercessor than the Holy Quraan. No prophet or angel. Continue reading

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Mishandling Islamic electronic files

I have Audio Quran, Islamic PDF and audio files in my laptop and I sometimes place my laptop on the floor and misplace it once I had included so many things in my laptop bag like clothes, sandals etc. May Allah forgive me for this. Continue reading

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Scared of losing him

I’ve been in love with a boy for the past two months. We are a religious couple. At times, I admit we’ve gone off the limit like talking over the phone for hours at night. Continue reading

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Salaam Alaikum. How far is the husband responsible for his wifes prayers and wearing hijab? If the wife doesn’t pray, will the husband be questioned in the hereafter as to why he didn’t make her pray? Continue reading

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Overcoming debt

I am only 20 yrs. of age and my father has many various credit cards and loans pulled out in my name of which I have nothing to do with because he keeps all and deals with all. Continue reading

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On the day of yawmal qiyama is everybody going to be standing at the age of sixteen?
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Assalamo alaykum wa rehmatullahi wa barkatuhu. Ya sayyidi! i want to ask that what is the zikr after the juma prayer?
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