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Is glycerin haraam?

Recently I found that glycerin is usually made from animal fat. Continue reading

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Black Magic & Problems conceiving

My husband and I have two daughters and have been trying for our third child for two years now but I am unable to conceive. Continue reading

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Meet with Sheikh Hisham?

How Can i meet with Sheikh Hisham? Continue reading

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Spiritual Effects of Sins

do sins effect the spirituality of a being? Is one’s soul permanently corrupted? Continue reading

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wearing gemstones haram?

Please can you answer is it haram to wear gem stones/crystals (for example, ruby, graphite, feroza, etc ) for protection of evil and to remove any negative energies? Continue reading

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Joining the Sufi Order?

how do i join youre sufi order? Continue reading

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New initiate

I have met with Shaykh Hisham in Feltham UK and took bayah became muried, there was a lot of people and the Shaykh could not waste time on me, but I am still in need for answers like how and what should i do to make connections with him ? Continue reading

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Question: Assalamalaikum Brother, I have been requesting the interpretation of my dreams (seeing the prophet) a number of times. But, have got no response from your team. Request you to expedite !!! Allah Hafiz Answer: wa ‘alaykum salam, See the … Continue reading

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Dalail al-Khayrat

I am a but confused. I saw a youtube video stating Sheikh Hisham compiled Dhalail khayrat. My understanding was that Imam Jazuli was the writer. Continue reading

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Fatwas against Deobandis and Wahabis

In the case of Ahmed Raza Khan’s fatwa against Deobandis and Wahabis which was signed by over 500 scholars, what is the ruling on the necessity of following such fatwas? Continue reading

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