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Is glycerin haraam?

Recently I found that glycerin is usually made from animal fat. Continue reading

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Black Magic & Problems conceiving

My husband and I have two daughters and have been trying for our third child for two years now but I am unable to conceive. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Making the right choice

I have recently finished a 5-year program in osteopathy (manual therapy) and am finishing a 3-year part-time program in homeopathy this year… Continue reading

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Can I make her agree to marry me?

I love a girl. She refuses to marry me because I am shorter and she leads a modern life which I don’t like. She believes “as she is beautiful she’ll get smart boys so why would marry me?” Her parents like her lifestyle. Mother wishes to marry her to rich guy. If she marries me, I’ll stop her bad deeds. Continue reading

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Test French Only 4/19/11

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Test French Only 4/19/11

Thank you

I post this to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Continue reading

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Prayer Request

Request: Sorry to bother you shaykh, but my niece is very ill and there is nobody available to pray on her. ¬†Would it be possible to arrange for Shaykh Hisham to pray on her over the phone or something like … Continue reading

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