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I did an istikhara for marriage and the first night I saw my family members, the second night i was going to different options for marriag… Continue reading

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Dream: Ya Hayyu Ya Qayum, Surah Ikhlas, Kabah

From the past some days i am seeing some dreams like: first i saw ya hayyu ya qayyum written in white then another night i saw that i am in front of a quite high building , standing in front of a quite big door. Continue reading

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Why Mawlana Doesnt Lecture Oppressive Men

I cook, clean, look after child, pain in body, everyday husband argues about cleaning, dont go out, don’t socialise, educated, stay home and take child to play at mums, he restricts me too. Continue reading

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Dream: Prophet pbuh hair

I had a dream last week, i was in the living room with some relatives and my daughter who is 18 years old came down stairs saying something like ‘mum look its true about the Prophets (saw) hair and then she took her tongue out and on it was a small white hair of the Prophet (saw) Continue reading

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Taming the Wild Horse

Question: Why is the ’wild horse’ in me is so difficult to tame? I’m so lost in this matter.Expecting too much from my Self? Is there too much heat in me? It seems so. How do I cool down this heat for good. … Continue reading

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Is Bayat for life until Judgment Day?

I heard from many jamaats of the Haqqani tariqa that once a mureed has Baya with Mawlana Seth, Mawlana Seyh has rights and watches over that mureed until end of his life. Continue reading

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Bayat change

I am currently bayat under sufi order silsila Azeemia. I asked one of the representatives from my tariqat to change Shaykhs and they said I cannot until day of judgement and it was a contract when i took bayat with them. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: to make my husband become a Sunni

I am very worried about my husband’s aakhira. He despises Sunnis and does not believe in Madhabs, Sheikhs, mawleed, sihr, dargahs and makes rude comments about sunni practices. Continue reading

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Wird Ijaza

At this site, i met the guard of this well, his name is ‘mbah’ Syamsul Alwi and he is a descendant of Sunan Giri. mbah Syamsul gave me ijaza to recite this wirid:”Ya Fattah, Ya ‘Alim, Ya Razaq, Ya Karim, iftah ‘alayna bi ‘ulumil mubiyn”. Continue reading

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Permission for Surgery (URGENT)

My son has an affliction that prevents him from swallowing. He therefore has a feeding tube in place and his doctor has said that it is a good idea to move the tube to reduce irritation around the area. Continue reading

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