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Dream: I miss someone

I had a dream where I change my class and my crush is in another class. Then I’m going to miss him and cry all the time. What could it mean? Continue reading

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For abroad travel

I want to go abroad but many problems standing in my visa . I have to go abroad for some job and I need to go, will you please tell me that what the problems are in my travel… Continue reading

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Parents approval for marriage

I have chosen someone for marriage, we both love each other but we decided that we will get married if our families agree for our relation. We won’t go against our family. Continue reading

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Official Website and fake website of Naqshbandi Sufi Order

I just want to confirm, what is the official website of our beloved GrandShaykh Moulana Shaykh Nazim? Is the website is an official website of Naqshabandi Sufi Order? Can we follow that website? Continue reading

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Another woman

My husband keeps asking me and pushing me to have another woman be in our bedroom. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: job and health

salaam, i am in much need of job, i am going to take exams for job in 2- 3 days, Continue reading

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Dream: I see deceased person body movement in grave and of myself

I dream seeing deceased body movement in qabbar and leg raising sometimes looks like my grandfather who passed away or of me. Continue reading

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What did Rasul’Allah wear?

I want to follow the Sunnah in every aspect and I was really wondering what did the Prophet Muhammad SAW wear? What is the actual sunnah clothing? Continue reading

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I have been having dreams similar to this for the past few weeks where I’m continuously saying the shahada. I successfully say it in each dream. In my dream it feels as if I’m loosing my breath and in reality too so I try to say the shahada…. Continue reading

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Cleaning of Soul

I have been looking for spiritual guidance for cleaning of my soul and praying for that too. I have come across this website while I was searching for something on internet. Can you please ask Shaikh Sahab if he can help me with dua and some advise… Continue reading

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