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Dream: Holy Ka`bah

I dreamt before Fajr that I was at Holy Kabaa and everyone was sitting around the Holy Kabaa getting ready for prayer. I was able to walk right up and kiss the Holy Kabaa, I remember thinking in my heart what an honor it was and tried to connect my heart. Continue reading

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Dream: Dream about Sayyidana Mahdi’s identity and MSH

I was sitting with some mureeds of MSN and was wondering about Sayyidana Mahdis identity. Continue reading

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Zikr in Connecticut

I am moving to New Haven, Connecticut. Is there a place in New Haven, or close by, where followers of Maulana Sheikh Nazim practice zikr so that I can attend? I would like to attend a weekly zikr with other followers of Maulana during my time there. Continue reading

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Hair of Prophet (Sal Allahu Alaihi Wasalam)

Respected Shaykh, i want to ask a very important question. I have been gifted a Holy Hair of Prophet Sal Allahu Alaihi Wasalam, fixed in a box from a holy relics trust. Can you tell me anything to authenticate if its genuine or not, and the most important thing how should i keep it in my house, to pay full respect/adab and get its full blessings? Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Dua for Marriage

I wish to ask the honourable Shiekh to make dua for me to get married to a pious and kind muslim and live happily ever after with him. Please try to feel the pain of a muslimah who has been receiving proposals since the age of 14 but due to unknown reasons the marriage cant happen.
I am concerned about the safety of my iman now and find it difficult to keep it intact without the support of a kind husband. I am facing the pressures of society for years now and am sick and tired of facing the world too. Continue reading

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Need an urgent advice

Asalaamo alaykim sultana ul-awliya Sheikh Nazim and Sheikh Hisham. Please guide me I am in strange situation I live in uk, preston I used to teach Quran in mosque but after several months they kicked me out. Continue reading

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Differences in wazifas

I just wanted to ask why are there differences in the daily awrad for the Initiate on the naqshbandi website Continue reading

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Prayer Request: health

Assalamu’alaikum wr wb ya Sayyidi Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani, please pray for my brother [private] are now in the hospital has been almost 2 months because of tumor disease and the condition is still in the hose through the nose to remove fluid in the stomach, according to doctors there is a blockage in the intestines and stomach digestion… Continue reading

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Help / dua / recitation

I’m a revert Muslim from a Sikh family and my name is [private]. I’d like to ask if you in my behalf to ask Moulana Haqqani to make dua or ask if I could recite something as being a revert and living in a non-Muslim family my family has tried so many spiritual scholars and my life has come to a hold. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Prayer needs for family

Ya sayyidi plz pray for us and our family to hold the rope of Allah tight together and not separate and follow the sunnah of prophet muhammad (s.a.w). Continue reading

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