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Mahmoud Shelton studied at the University of Edinburgh before taking a degree in Medieval Studies at Stanford University. Shelton is the author of Alchemy in Middle Earth: The Significance of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings, The Balance of George Lucas' Star Wars, and numerous articles. He is also a contributor to The Royal Book of Spiritual Chivalry and The Sufi Science of Self-Realization. Contributions by Mahmoud Shelton * Chivalry of the Night and Day * Alchemy in Middle Earth * contributor, The Royal Book of Spiritual Chivalry
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Hamzaad (Twin angel)

What is hamzad? What is the Islamic perspective on hamzaad? What is the role of hamzad in spirituality? Please provide hadiths and Islamic material for full understanding if possible. Continue reading

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Blood Moons in Islam

As you might be aware about this the blood moons that fall on jewish holidays and some say that they signify the end of times, something only Allah (swt) knows about, are there any significance to blood moons in Islam? Continue reading

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Invoking besides Allah others?

It is allowed as per Shaykh Nuh Ha Meem Keller to invoke Prophet s.a.w and awliya q.s for help? As per the correct intention we invoke through the high stations attached to their name before Allah s.w.t and not through their physical bodies. Continue reading

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Who amongst Adam (عليه سلام) and Eve (رضي الله عنها) had eaten the fruit first?

Is it established on a sound basis that Hadrat Hawwa (Allah be well pleased with her) had consumed the fruit and then insisted Hadrat Adam (upon whom be peace) to eat it whilst their stay in Paradise? Continue reading

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The Ghayat al Hakim (Picatrix)

As far as I know, the Naqshbandis guard in high esteem the Shams al Ma3arif of Ahmad al Buni. Is the other great Medieval grimoire which is Ghayat al Hakim (Picatrix) of al Majriti or pseudo-alMajriti also reguarded as valuable, according to the Naqshbandis? Continue reading

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Was Algerian Emir Abdul Kadir Naqshbandi?

I am researching a curriculum about the Algerian mujahid Abdul Kadir and found mention of him on your site. Was he Naqshbandi? Continue reading

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Role of Saints

I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and asking the Saints for prayers is a major part of the faith. Continue reading

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The Shaykhs of the Two Wings

Reading the great book about the History of the Saints of the Golden Chain, written by Shaykh Hisham. I’ve read about the “Shaykhs of the Two Wings.” Are they just 9 in number, in every “age”, in every historical period? Do they consider all humankind as their followers? Continue reading

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Permission to do archery

A couple of friends and I wish to do archery. We are all at the age of 16 and we know it is Sunnah to do archery and it is a key skill. All I need to know is whether I still need permission to do so, if so may I have the permission to do archery. Continue reading

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Why did Christianity spread in Europe?

I’ve been reading a lot of Dark Ages history the reason I don’t understand why Christianity displaced paganism is that its practice… Continue reading

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