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Can the people in Egypt- Cairo the Nile Delta – be warned further?

Assalammualaikum. With regards to the Sohba given by Mawlana Shaykh Hisham Kabbani on the warning from Shaykh Nazim ” Beware of Gheeratullah!” The Shaykhs speaks the truth. Continue reading

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Responsibilties with a Mental Illness

Hi, could you tell me what are the responsibilities of a Muslim with a mental illness? Thank you.
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I am a 20 year old student. In the past I have had problems with waswaas (blasphemous thoughts from the shaytaan), Alhamdulillah I have to a great extent recovered from this. But lately, I have been receiving intuition that Allah swt is talking to me and guiding me in all matters of life. Continue reading

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Is this real?

Selam Alejkum I saw this video in internet and im asking is this real that we should place our hands when we pray on the chest ( man ) Please answer speed because im very confused Continue reading

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asalam. shaykh gibril I read one of the questions a person asked u. and he said, “I’m Indonesian, live in [private]. Our family believes that we are the descendants of [private] of [private]. We’re facing the condition of losing our identity and it’s really torturing me mentally. Continue reading

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Invoking besides Allah others?

It is allowed as per Shaykh Nuh Ha Meem Keller to invoke Prophet s.a.w and awliya q.s for help? As per the correct intention we invoke through the high stations attached to their name before Allah s.w.t and not through their physical bodies. Continue reading

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Is making a Tulpa/Thought form Permissible?

A year ago I came across the concept of a tulpa which is an autonomous consciousness, existing parallel to the creator’s consciousness inside the same brain. Continue reading

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Fasting on Rabi al-Awwal ?

We see that such practice existed among the shites (the shiite scholar al-Mufid (d.413H) for example as quoted by Marion Holmez’s in “The Birth of The Prophet Muhammad: Devotional Piety in Sunni Islam”) Continue reading

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Hadith quoted by Wahhabis that our Nabi did commit SHIRK?

Dear Shk Haddad, Its me [private] from Sri lanka. A new ideology is starting to spread in Sri Lanka that our Prophet sallahualahiwasallim had committed SHIRK without his knowledge. (Ma’azallah!) Continue reading

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About isnad

Ya shaykh Gibril
Is there an opinion in Mizan al-’Itidal of imam al-Dhahabi, rahmatullahi ta’la alayh, (or any of his other books, or by some other imam)
To validate or to make permissibile the taking of fiqh and aqida, if they themselves are RELIABLE, of the immediate students (and their students and their students and so on), basically with the isnad in fiqh and aqida of an ‘Alim (y) who is dishonest in his presentation of another ‘Alims (z) book, to muftis for fatawa against him, in doing so alim (y) intentionally shows the ‘ibarat and the jumlay concerned in alim (z)’s book out of context and not what he intended just to get fatawa of kufr against him. Because of this dishonesty has been found out and his standing their by becoming tarnished and his isnad effectively not having the sidq attached to it because of this. Continue reading

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