Family Issues

Marital relations, parenting issues, sibling relations, interaction and behavior with relatives near and far.

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Daughter’s issue

My daughter is unhappily married for three and a half years because her husband argues with her on every little thing and is extremely stubborn. He doesn’t want see her side of the family and never agrees to go with her when she has to attend any of her family gatherings while she almost always goes to his side of the family. Continue reading

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Asking a shaykh to decide on one’s marriage

Firstly I have seen sometimes the shaykhs informing the marriage mustnt take place and that the couple will split or wont be happy or will be happy in the beginning but split later. the side that consults then abandons the marriage preparation. Shouldnt these families and individuals be seeking the decision of their shaykhs BEFORE meeting the prospective bridegroom/bride and other side? Continue reading

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Consulting Murshid for Marriage and Travel (Mercy Oceans)

In Mercy Oceans Book 2, P.19 it is written:
For a humble mureed following a murshid, if he is consulting the murshid in every matter it is good, but for three things it is a must. These are marriage, divorce, and far journeying. Continue reading

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I have a strange relationship with my mother. My mother always wants to shout at me and puts me down in front of others. My brothers are always favoured and for this reason I no longer say anything extra to her now. Continue reading

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My daughter she is in Africa she is studding qur’an has finished primary and at he moment she is in secondary Muslim girls boarding school and she already knows what she want to do next, is to continue to college. Continue reading

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Regarding marriage

I like a girl and she also likes me and we want to marry each other but due to cast problem her parents are not willing. Plz tell me some amal by which they will allow our marriage happily and plz pray for my emaan….. Continue reading

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Emaan is dwindling with Family issues

What do you do when no matter how much you try to do good actions it is never enough from those around you. I never thought the day would come where my own flesh and blood would hang me up to dry making comments and judgements about my deen and saying it’s pointless learning as I am not practicing. Continue reading

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I a reverted to Islam about two years ago, my wife is an atheist and currently is not supportive of my practice. She constantly scoffs at me for eating halal, not drinking alcohol, and praying five times a day. Continue reading

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I did the dua of sayidina daud. I wore the taweez for 40 days. Nothing happened. I waited for her to contact me as I did not want to ruin my self respect. Did I do something wrong? Continue reading

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parental disapproval

I met a man and we both wish to marry – for the right reasons – piety, good character and compatibility. We both feel that we were intended for each other. However his parents have disapproved of me because of our age difference. Continue reading

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