Narrations concerning the words and deeds of Prophet Muhammad (s) and their understanding and interpretation.

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Secret in Abu Bakr RA Heart

salam !
Is there any hadith or athar that Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam put the secret in Abu Bakr RA’s heart? Plz give me its references. Continue reading

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Dream by Tahir Siddiqui

There was a post titled Dream; kun faykun posted on 31st oct 2011 by Tahir Siddiqui. it spoke at length about the concept of Allah giving the powers to an individual to say “Be” and it will be… kun faya kun. it was mentioned in the post that its reference can be found in the hadith quds… Continue reading

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Iron touch hadith

A sheikh said that the following hadith relates to sexual touching, not mere touching of the opposite gender:
“It would be better for one of you to have himself stabbed on the head with an iron needle than to touch a woman that is illegal for him.” (Bayhaqi, Tabarani). Continue reading

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Bed Bugs

Here some of my friends telling that for bed bugs, Nabi Muhammed sallelahu alihi wassalam make dua for it and this guys telling that once Nabi Muhammed sallelahualihi wasallam was sleeping in the time of fajar and this beg bugs bite him (Nabi Muhammed sallelahuali wassallam) Continue reading

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Rajm / Stoning as punishment in Sharia

There are many narrations dealing with it but those opposed to Ahadith claim there are many contradictions among the Ahadith and even accusations that the verse of rajm was removed from the Quran! Continue reading

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Hadith about Najd

Sidi, regarding the hadith about Shaytan rising from Najd, I’ve seen it translated as “the side of the head of Shaytan” and the “two horns of shaytan”. What do both phrases mean? Continue reading

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Distortion of Talbis Iblis

Not sure if the title reflects my question, can I kindly leave it at your discretion to amend (if necessary)? I stumbled across this link http://www.sunniforum.com/forum/showthread.php?86196-Warning-Lies-distortions-and-slanders-by-Shaykh-GF-Haddad&p=941899&highlight=#post941899 Continue reading

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Takhrij of Hadith: Ya Abu Bakr! No one knows my reality except my Lord

Please let me know the grading and takhrij of the following hadith..?
Prophet (pbuh) says to Syeduna Abu Bakr as-Siddique: Ya Abu Bakr, no one knows my reality (haqiqa) except my Lord. Continue reading

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Young Adults Among Banu Qurayzah

Shaytan is using this topic to affect my Iman. What I fear most is doubts about my faith. My question is regarding the Banu Qurayzah. I understand the punishment was meant for for those who were treacherous, but the following hadith is bothering me. Continue reading

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Quick question: Hadith dajjal

Masha’Allah you’re doing an excellent job. You mentioned the hadith, “He eats rocks and a mountain of smoke precedes him and people ride inside him, and not on his back.” Continue reading

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