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Worship of Allah, the Creator, in all its various forms.

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Can I see visions in zikr/dhikr by myself

In 2005 I saw a vision of gold room with gold chairs and gold table. This was when I was doing zikr/ dhikr at a work colleagues house at night just before fajr (probably Wednesday or Thursday). Continue reading

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Paying zakat and sadaqa on the internet

Sometimes I cannot find anyone to give sadaqa or food near where I live.
Is it acceptable to pay zakat, give daily sadaqa and offer meals using the websites below? Continue reading

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Request to recite Hezbul Baher

I need your permission to recite hezbul baher for job, parents, health and home problems to solve. Jazak allah
Continue reading

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acceptance of prayer

I need to know if my salat is accepted while wearing magic taweez or is the salat not accepted even though proper wudhu and prayer is performed. Continue reading

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Ziyara and Hayd

Is it permitted for a woman to make ziyara of a nabi or wali during her menses?
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How to Give a Jummah khutba

I was wondering what are the proper steps and things one must do to give a completely lead the Jummah prayer. I have seen video of our Master Mawlana Shaykh Hisham (qas). Please guide me, Jazak Allah.
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Hajj al-Akbar

Sheikh this year the day of Arafah which is 9th Dhul Hijja falls on a Friday, therefore is stated it is Hajj al-Akbar, is this indeed the case? Continue reading

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There’s a hadith (Abu dawud # 331) where the Holy Prophet (SAWS) made Tayammum on a wall. Is it only on walls made of earth? Continue reading

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I intend on completing hajj this year InshaAllah and have reservations about use of medication to stop/delay menstruation. Continue reading

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Ruling for pregnant ladies

I have this deep concern in the matter of the ruling laa qadha’ for pregnant ladies that is circulating freely in social media. Dr Asri the Ex-Mufti of Perlis gave this fatwa that pregnant ladies does not need to qadha’ their Ramadhan, it’s sufficient for them to only pay fidyah. Continue reading

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