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Worship of Allah, the Creator, in all its various forms.

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1. My mother is a diabetic and heart patient who is in her 60s, she has always fasted and this year she has had a lot of pain in her body from various illnesses as noted. Please advise if she is able to fast, and if not what she needs to do. Continue reading

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How to do Tarawi Prayer?

I just became a Muslim a handful of years ago and I have been searching on the internet long to correctly do Tawari prayer. I don’t like how Muslims uses Arabic words mixed with English and not defined and it makes it confusing to practicing Muslims. Continue reading

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Seeing Holy Kaaba for the first time

Can you please indicate the best prayer to recite when one sees the Holy Kaaba for the first time? Continue reading

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Missing out last sajdah in prayer

I was reading Salah at Tasbih. When I was in the last rakah I forgot to make the second sajda. So after reading tashahud I made salaam to the right and made one sajdah and read the tasbih ten times. Would this have been the correct thing to do and is the prayer valid. Continue reading

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zikrs in jamat

assalamu alaykum ya sayyadi ive made intention to pray my 5 salats in jamat in my masjid in shaykh hisham kabbani book quidebook shaykh gives duas and zikrs in between sunnah fards and nafls of salah is there and short versions i can do. Continue reading

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Before I was not really in touch with my deen and used to do a lot of wrong things, listen to music 24/7 and waste time in nonsense but I started to wonder the purpose of my life and recently I started reading namaz 5x a day… Continue reading

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Flight attendants and Ramadan

What is the islamic ruling on flight attendants who fly internationally daily and fasting Ramadan? I would feel awful not fasting a whole month because of my work. Is it permissible to feed 60 homeless people a day for that purpose? Continue reading

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Zakat for a Family own gold

A family is having huge debt and has no income for supporting their life expenses daily. They depend on others’s generosity.A friend of mine wants to give his zakat for them but he found out that family actually has more than 150gram gold/silver as investment… Continue reading

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Salaam Alaikum. How far is the husband responsible for his wifes prayers and wearing hijab? If the wife doesn’t pray, will the husband be questioned in the hereafter as to why he didn’t make her pray? Continue reading

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Is the husband responsible if the wife does not pray or wear hijab?

Someone asked me a question regarding their wife. Asked me if he is responsible if his wife doesn’t pray or do hijab. Will he be punished for his wife not praying? Continue reading

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