Dream: elegant man


I recently performed hajj. I saw that i am in my old home in Pakistan (I live in UK now). I am laying next to a very elegant beard, fair skin man and my mother comes in and ask his name and I told her. His name is Abdullah but I got confused as I can see a word Mubadil written in Arabic but I pronounce Abdullah to my mother and in my background I heard that some body corrected it to be Zeeshan (I dont know any Zeeshan in real life). The man said to me I am very shy and i was feeling shy. Then I try to preach him the difference of Christianity & Islam. In reality 3 months ago a Catholic Brazilian showed an interest in me and I did preach him as much as i can. He left UK, I discontinued my contact with him and he didn’t have a beard.


Walaikumas salam
Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem

Insha Allah, this indicates possibility to meet someone pious (indicated by Abdullah) and faithful (indicated by shyness) who would be of high standards in terms of looks (indicated by Zeeshan) as your future possible husband (indicated by feeling of mutual shyness). Mubadil may mean exchange, meaning exchange of hand, meaning marriage. You will feel at home in the presence of this man indicated by old home in Pakistan. Your mother will support you insha Allah in this matter.

Syed Shahzaman

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