Dream: Istikhara dream- chasing and killing a lizard


I am having problems with my wife for 3 years now and I did istikhara for a way forward- whether to be with her or leave her. I dreamt 2 baby lizards and 1 big wall lizard near me in the dream. I picked up a slipper to kill them but the baby lizards ran away. The big lizard tried to bite me but I chased it and killed it. I am confused what this means. Please note I did istikhara for 7 days and I dreamt this on the 7th night. Your help is appreciated.


Wa alaikum as salaam,

Can you provide some details on your marriage problems? What are the issues you are facing? Are there external people causing a division between you and your wife? This would be helpful in interpreting the dream. You can re-post and reference your earlier post.

Yusuf Hussain

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