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Assalam u alayekum !
There is a person in pakistan, named as Tahir ul Qadri. People call him as Sheikh ul Islam. but he has been very controversial in the past. He has very strong knowledge of Quran, Hadith and other texts but he’s been chiefly controversial due to his dreams in which he claimed to have the vision of Prophet peace be upon Him and he said some things attributed to Prophet and his dream which a practising Muslim rejects at once.Do you have any info that what type of person he is?


Alaykum as-Salam,

There is nothing wrong in seeing the Prophet, upon him blessings and peace, in dream and then informing others. However, the rule is as Imam al-Nawawi (Allah have mercy on him) said in Sharh Sahih Muslim:

“There is agreement among scholars that nothing of what has been decided by the Law can be changed on the basis of what the sleeper saw… This does not contradict the saying of the Prophet (upon him blessings and peace): ‘Whoever sees me in vision or dream sees me truly’ (Sahih al-Bukhari). For the meaning of this hadith is that the dreamer’s vision is true and not from the fantasies of dreams nor the delusions of the devil. However, it is not permissible to establish a legal ruling on the basis of this dream, because the state of sleep is not a state of accuracy and verification for whatever the dreamer is seeing… This all pertains to a dream that contains a ruling that contravenes the judgment of those in authority. As for seeing the Prophet (upon him blessings and peace) ordering him something which is recommended, or forbidding him something which is forbidden, or directing him to do something beneficial, there is no disagreement that it is desirable that he go ahead and act according to his dream. For here the ruling does not depend on the dream but on what has been decided from the principles at hand, and Allah knows best.”

Hajj Gibril

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3 Responses to Tahir ul Qadri

  1. hussain ali shah says:

    Salam !
    Actually that person made a claim some 15-20 years ago that he had the vision of Prophet (upon Him blessings and peace) and he claimed that Prophet was angry from the ulema and people of pakistan and he was returning to Madina from Pakistan.
    And he further claimed that in his dream he requested Prophet (may blessing be upon Him) to stay in Pakistan and Prophet replied that on one condition,if you take the responsibility of hosting me in Pakistan.(Astaghfirullah).
    He further added that Prophet (peace be upon Him ) said to him that where i’ll go in Pakistan,the responsibility of my ticket and travel etc and each and every thing will be yours.(Nauzbillah Astaghfirullah).This video is available on youtube.the speech is in urdu.The point arises that Pakistan is land of many saints,Syedna Ali Hajveri and many others.
    Also there are many people who i think are living saints in Pakistan. How can his dream be true?

  2. Taher Mateen Siddiqui says:

    wa `alaykum salaam,

    What is seen in a dream may not be the same as what is acceptable in real life. That is because what is seen in the dream is often figurative as opposed to substantial.

    As for mentioning that the Prophet (s) is angry from the `ulama of Pakistan, Shaykh Nazim al-Haqqani and his representative voiced the same recently, after the attack by Wahabis on the tomb of Sayyidina Ali (r) Hujwiri (q) and expressed that the massive flood that followed it shortly was Allah’s revenge for attacking that wali.

    Shaykh Hisham said:

    “And I remind you of what happened in Pakistan when they destroyed the shrine of the big wali, Sayyid Ali al-Hujwiri (q), and Allah punished them with a flood and too many people died and too many people have no home and no shelter. We are reminding them that Allah will take His revenge;… If someone comes against Him then Allah will show him what he deserves.”

    And he said:

    Those (flood victims in in Pakistan) who were innocent were given Paradise, and those who did wrong, the Hellfire is ready for them, but since they were punished they are sent to Paradise.

    Here is one message to Pakistanis from one of His awliya: “If you keep doing that, Allah will continue to send like that.” They blew up the maqaam of one great wali, Sayyid `Ali Hujwiri (q). It is as Allah said in Hadith Qudsee:

    من عادى لي وليا فقد آذنته بالحرب
    man `adaa lee waliyyan faqad aadhantahu bi ‘l-harb.
    Who declares war on a Friend of Mine, I declare war on him.

    W ‘Allah`alam

    Taher Siddiqui

  3. hussain ali shah says:

    Assalam u alayekum !
    I agree to what syedi sheikh hisham said.
    but the matter of tahir ul qadri is still not clear.the video which i saw was of probably of late 1980′s or early 1990′s.
    Also,the sentences uttered by tahir ul qadri mentioning ‘tickets and all other arrangements’ are still beyond the sense.
    Sincerely,i consider such sentences by tahir ul qadri suspicious and less or more blasphemous.
    I have been hearing that Pakistan,specially lahore and multan are two places of auliya.
    Then in the light of this fact,his claim is confusing……..
    There are two things confusing:
    1-How can Prophet peace be upon Him angry with His Ummah and that too from those people among whom are auliya and
    people who respect and love Prophet in more than anything else of theirs?
    2-The phrases regarding worldy things like ‘tickets’.This world as well as all others are created in reward of our Prophet’s
    noor,then why did tahir mentioned tickets for our Prophet(peace be upon Him) for Whom the worlds are created?