Dream: Theif in house



(At 2am) In my dream I am returning to house from hospital late night. When I reached my house (in reality not my house but one that I saw somewhere) I saw the locks are opened with duplicate keys. I thought someone robbed my house and I run into house saying “Allahu Akbar”. When I entered in the house I thought the thief had escaped, I went to next room which was dark but I clearly saw a boy of medium color (thief) aged 13-15yrs climb on top of a fan. I climbed there and kicked him and he fell down and I slapped him. My friend called the police and they came and arrested the boy and the police (skin color & dress was black) said they will take care of it, I said to the police to just give a severe warning and release. Then I told my mother the whole story & she said the boy worked long ago near my house (in reality I’ve never seen that boy). Suddenly my friend’s brother called me and said to withdraw the case because boy’s mother was crying, I said didn’t put any case, I said that I told the police just to warn him.


Wa alaikum as salaam,

Both seeing a robber and seeing a youth in a dream pertain to dealing with enemies who may try to mistreat you. Seeing yourself pardoning the same thief can mean that Allah (swt) will forgive you in this life and the next life. Pray to Allah that this is the case. You can recite salawat and Qur’an and wear a tahveez (ruqya) to protect you from bad intent towards you. Also in the Naqshbandi way one is to recite if possible Ya Hafiz (for protection from enemies) daily. You can see the Naqshbandi awrad book about that.

And Allah knows best.

Yusuf Husain

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