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My baby is 6months old & my mother recently took him to get his hair shaved for the 1st time. His hair was so sleek & beautiful. Now it’s really ugly & hard. What can I do to get his hair to be sleek & beautiful again? It’s causing anger in my heart for my mom because she forced to get it shaved instead of cutting with spite. Now she continuously puts him down.


Wa ‘alaykum salam,

It is Sunnah to shave baby’s hair after 7 days he was born, buy silver (preferably gold) to the equivalent of its weight, and give it away as charity; also, to do aqiqah which is slaughter 2 sheep for a boy and 1 sheep for a girl, eat from it and feed others beginning with relatives then the poor. Give thanks to Allah and ask blessings for the life of the baby. Your mom did the right thing in shaving the hair and it also deflects envy and harm to do so. It will grow back again just fine in sha Allah. Why put anger in your heart when the hair will certainly grow more healthy, sleek and beautiful after shaving and Sunnah?

Hajjah Faridah

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