Rights of controlling inlaws



My father-in-law screamed and intimidates me because my husband and me make halal decisions which he did not “Give permission for.” I keep my respect but he won’t apologize and mistreats my husband. They smile before my husband and plan against me. My husband won’t visit without me and gets conflicted.

They mistreated first daughter-in-law making her seem bad, smiling to her face, and whispering to her husband. She moved away to save her marriage. Do I have to live near them?

Is my husband obligated to obey what his parents say? How often does my husband/me have to visit (they are not sick)? Should they always always ask questions and give advice about our life? If he has older brothers who’s most responsible to parents? What are their rights from us? Is there a prayer against deceitful people?

May Allah Bless you.


Alaykum Salam,

Your husband is your door to Paradise and his parents are his door to Paradise.
Recite Hasbiya Allah wa ni`ma al-Wakil x100 daily and ask Allah for patience and strength.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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