Majority of women going to hell?


I know that there is a hadith that majority of women in hell for being ungrateful to husband and they are in hell but does that mean they are only temporarily there? If I am correct in Islam once you are a Muslim no matter what you do whether killing or adultery you will go to heaven eventually once you pay your debt to Allah for going to hell like in jail and once your time is up you can go to the level of heaven you deserved. So if a Muslim woman went to hell for being ungrateful does that mean she will go to hell temporarily and go to heaven eventually and that hadith about majority of woman in hell will be no longer true but a history and a past event? Am I right?


Imam al-Qurtubi is suggesting that the women forming majority in hell will stay there temporarily and will be brought out of hell and enter Paradise.

Imam Senad Agic
American Islamic Center – Chicago

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