I intend on completing hajj this year InshaAllah and have reservations about use of medication to stop/delay menstruation. My expected cycle is to commence around the 9th and 10th of dhul hijja therefore I may not be able to perform tawaf al ziayara or saee on the 10th 11th or 12th of dhul hijja, do I have permission to perform tawaf al ziayara and saee on the 8th of dhul hijja before wuquf at arafat?? If not will my hajj still be complete and accepted if i perform the tawaf al ziayara and saee after ghusl which will be well after the 5 days of hajj?

I am in desperate need of guidance and advice, please tell me what Sheikh Nazim or Sheikh Muhammad or Sheikh Hisham would advise their daughters/wives and sisters as I will surely try my utmost to adhere.

Jazakala khair


Wa `alaykum salam,

Please see:

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