Laa Hawlawala Quwwatailla Billahil Aliyyil Adtheem.
Allahumma Solli Ala Sultonul Anbiya wa Ala Ali Sayyidina Muhammad abadan abada..

Assalamualaykum Ya Awliya’ullah.
May Allah bless all of you.

It is permitted for Muslims to be obsessed with Allah and Rasul, apostles, prophets, angels, Islam and so on. But not for ordinary people even Sultonul Awliya’ as they are not infallible.

My question is, where is the boundary line so that we’re not obsessed with saints/soleheen? Coz I still wanna love them so much, without getting beyond the limit. If kissing Rasul’s feet and so on is permitted, can we do the same to our Gurus, for honoring or tabarruq?


wa `alaykum salam,

See the answer given in the Post “Love of Medina“.

On kissing feet/hands of awliya, see Mawlana Shaykh Hisham’s response here.


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