Asalamou aleykoum wa rahmatoula i ta ‘ala wa barakatou
Salam for all the eshaykh team and my respect for Sheikh Hicham and all eshaykh team.
i’m franch muslim since 2004 (so excuze me for my very bad english) and Mawlana’s mourid since 2008,
my question is about ablution, and particulary about dry the socks. until today, i always dry my cotton socks, and today a brother said me that it’s no correct, only with leather socks. is that comment correct? if it is correct why so many persons said that we can do that with coton socks?
would you give the dalils: fatwa, and hadith in order to know what is good or not…
baraka Allahou fik


wa `alaykum salam, wa rahmatullahi wa barakutuh,

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