Forgetting raka`at in prayer



May Allah bless you all for your efforts on eShaykh!!

I needed advice on how to deal with when we forget how many raka we prayed in prayers. Some people have suggested sijda e sah. Please explain the correct procedure to perform sajda e sah?
Do we pray attahiyaat+ doroud ibrahim and then make 1 salam and then go to perform 2 sijda and then complete the prayers ? Do we need to pray attahiyaat again after the 2 sijda?



wa `alaykum salam,

In case of doubt, one should act upon whatever is certain. For example, if one is not sure how many raka`at he has performed, two or three and four or five, he should take the lesser number as the basis. Based on the number, he should proceed to perform the remaining raka`at and complete the prayer by performing two prostrations (of Sahw).

We say at-Tahiyaat and Darood Ibrahim and then make 1 salam and then go to perform 2 sajdahs and then complete the prayers saying at-Tahiyaat again after the 2 sajdas.

Imam Senad Agic
The Islamic Cultural Center of Greater Chicago

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