Salam Alaykum wrwb. I have diagnosed with both GERD and IBS. I have had the symptoms for the last 7-8 years. As a result it is very hard for me to keep wudu. By the time I do Tahiyat-ul-wudu, I often have to make new wudu again. This is especially difficult and embarrassing when praying in jamah or doing dhikr in a group, or while praying at work where it is difficult to do wudu to begin with. This would sometimes cause me to shorten my prayers or not do as much worship as I would’ve liked although I am fairly young and I have no excuse to not renew wudu frequently astagfirullah.
– Is there anything I can do/recite to cure my symptoms? Doctors say there is no cure apart from managing it.
-Is Tayammum allowed in this situation?
May Allah forgive me and reward you. Ameen.


wa `alaykum salam,

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