Two wives


After seeing an unknown member of the complimentary gender and feeling a sense of familiarity and attraction. I told a friend about it, who said that this happens when you’re in the Tariqa and it can be hard to not act upon, and duas is the only thing he’s found to  help.  He said I can expect it to happen again, and it has for the 3rd time now. This time I felt it from them to me, rather than from me to them (it felt like their heart was jumping out at mine) and now I keep thinking about how nice it would be to have another wife (her).

My friend who gave the advice unfortunately doesn’t have children but I’ve got no excuse. Is this a manifestation of greed in me? What is the stance in our Tariqa and of Maulana?


The right understanding of Tariqa is to be simple and practical and work hard for Allah and His Prophet, not lay supine and claim to make only dua when it comes to helping others achieve marriage which is half of the religion. Fifty years of teaching have passed but there are still people who claim affiliation to Mawlana and yet they do not see that the first thing he asks of newcomers is: Are you married? If not, get married at once. Therefore he is saying stop creating obstacles for yourselves and others, it is un-Islamic, anti-Sunna and anti-Sufi. Get married, help others do so, and give them blessings and support when they do, without inventing objections in the name of Tariqa or what not.

Hajj Gibril Haddad

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