Failure in every act and work and love proposals


Whatever I like will be moved away from me without any reason. My life is loveless. Am still single as the person I love moved away without telling anything. Please tell me Wazifa to make things happen including my love to marriage. Jazakallakair.


Wa alaykum assalam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu,

The secret to a happy life is not to seek love from others but rather to seek love from the Creator, which is the root of all love. As the famous hadith states, “When Allah (swt) loves a person, He calls upon Jibril (a) and says, ‘I love this person so love them!’ and then Jibril (a) loves them and calls upon the people of Heavens and says, ‘Allah loves this person so love them’ and then people of Heavens will love them and then acceptance will be put for them in the earth and people of the earth will love them also…”

True love emanates when a person witnesses, through their fitra and heart, the light of Muhammad (s) in another person. That’s what the spirit cries for.  In order for us to envelop ourselves in this Divine Love that suffices us from love of creation we need to do abundant salawat upon the Prophet, sallaAllahu `alayhi wa sallim, more than we can count.

Wal hamdulillah rabbil `alemeen.

Ali Hussain

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