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About isnad

Ya shaykh Gibril
Is there an opinion in Mizan al-’Itidal of imam al-Dhahabi, rahmatullahi ta’la alayh, (or any of his other books, or by some other imam)
To validate or to make permissibile the taking of fiqh and aqida, if they themselves are RELIABLE, of the immediate students (and their students and their students and so on), basically with the isnad in fiqh and aqida of an ‘Alim (y) who is dishonest in his presentation of another ‘Alims (z) book, to muftis for fatawa against him, in doing so alim (y) intentionally shows the ‘ibarat and the jumlay concerned in alim (z)’s book out of context and not what he intended just to get fatawa of kufr against him. Because of this dishonesty has been found out and his standing their by becoming tarnished and his isnad effectively not having the sidq attached to it because of this. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Shaykh & guidance

What is your opinion about taking bayah from one shaykh but also following aqeeda of another shaykh. Can it be possible to take bayah from 2 shaykhs or 3 shaykhs at one time with the intention of gaining knowledge & guidance… Continue reading

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Difference Betwen Faith and Belief

In the sohba’s I see two titles, some says faith and another says belief, can you explain what is the main difference in both of these terms. I am unable to pick what is the correct translation for these two so I can understand clearly, also can you tell me if these two terms means aqeedah and iman… Continue reading

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Status of the Ahla Bayt

What is our view on the descendants of the Prophet(saw) who are not Muslim, or who are fasiq, or those from among the Shias etc? Continue reading

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Is it correct to study with Muhammadiyah?

I want to study religion in some pesantren in Indonesia insha Allah. Though, my place is surrounded by Muhammadiyah affiliated places. Can we take from them? Continue reading

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Marriage between a Sufi and Salafi

Am a Muslim woman following the Sufi path and got married to a Salafi.The man made me believe he was a Sunni before marriage and after marriage I found out he follows Salafi … Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Clean Heart, Good Company, Book writing permission and safety

I would like to primarily request duas for me to clear my heart of negative satanic concepts… Continue reading

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What is immortality?…
Continue reading

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sunnianswers.wordpress.com reliability?

Could Sidi Gibril Haddad please advise about the soundness of the articles and replies on the website sunnianswers.wordpress.com, written by Shaykh Abu Adam?… Continue reading

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Dream: Absurd dreams with something inside?

Ô Mawlana, I left France for Indonesia for almost a year now, and I am starting to make very absurd dreams since… Continue reading

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