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Vision of an elephant

Following The Islamic Meditation program, I was listening to the guided meditation audio soundrack, with my eyes closed, and I had a faint vision of an elephant… Continue reading

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Dream: Prostration under the Throne of Allah

Dream: I was dreaming that I was on the train where I usually read Islamic books. Then I saw the throne of Allah Descending. I felt such pressure which I cannot describe. I prostrated before the Throne of God. All … Continue reading

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Man or universe?

My question was based on two Ayat ul Quran that I read and I’m looking for a better understanding. Continue reading

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Hadith of Jabir

Q: I would like to know what is the level (sahih, hasan, daeef, etc) of the Hadith of Jabir (ra). [fr]Q: I would like to know what is the level (sahih, hasan, daeef, etc) of the Hadith of Jabir (ra). [/fr] Continue reading

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Lucid Dreaming

When we dream does our ruh leave the body? If so, are we aware of what our souls do? Continue reading

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If not for you, Ya Muhammad (s) I would not have created creation

Question: ‘were it not for you oh Muhammad I would not have created the world’ Where is the above hadith? (apologies for asking but we are being asked by others). Answer: Indeed the Prophet of Allah (sallallahu `alayhi wasallam) is … Continue reading

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Dream: sajda with angels

I had a dream that i was leading a sajda in front of something-i could not really see it and there were hundreds of angels around me who were also doing sajda, but then some angels got me up and told me to go back … Continue reading

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