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Is Ghoon allowed in Islam?

I just wanted to know if the practice of ghoon is allowed in Islam? I know it is common in Shias, but is it an act that is forbidden in Islam?… Continue reading

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Awrad for Muharram

I know there is spiritual devotions for Rajab, Shaban and Rahmadan. I wanted to know is there any for the month of Muharram and if so what are they? Continue reading

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Remembering Ashura

Is it a practice among the ‘ulema to discuss the martyrdom of Hazrat Husain… Continue reading

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Unbelieving doctors

In MSN’s internet talks last year I think I heard MSN critisize seeing unbelieving doctors. Does this mean dont see them?
Also, I saw a billboard advert about fast (internet access) without breaks, but I thought it might have been a ‘sign’ and advice, so i fasted everyday for about 3 weeks. My condition improved, but should I have carried on? Might I have been right in seeing a ‘sign’?


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Does wife need permission to fast?

Q: Does a wife have to ask permission from her husband to keep nafl fasts, for example voluntary fasting in Muharram? Taking into account the fasting is short in the winter months and we are both at work all day and do not see each other, so it does not affect marital relations. Continue reading

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