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Istikhara before taking bayah?

Asalaamualaikum Shaykh Saab, do I have to perform istikhara before taking bayah. My local Ustaad told me to perform istikhara before bayah as not every Shaykh contains the rizk provision of everyone. Continue reading

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Question on Ahlul Aba

Whole world is under ahlul aba which is Muhammed (s) Ali (A) Fatema (A) Hasan (A) and Hussain (A) and they are so important in whole universe, yet Imam Ali is 4th khalifah and not 1st, how come? Continue reading

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Important Question Regarding Tariqah

Since Mawlana Shaykh Nazim’s physical passing there has been a state of confusion among mureeds. Through social media, I’ve came to know many from Europe have initiated to Shaykh Mehmet Adil. Continue reading

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Consulting Murshid for Marriage and Travel (Mercy Oceans)

In Mercy Oceans Book 2, P.19 it is written:
For a humble mureed following a murshid, if he is consulting the murshid in every matter it is good, but for three things it is a must. These are marriage, divorce, and far journeying. Continue reading

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Is it ok to use/practice the duas, dzikr or ayat (in response to questions from people who have asked for it?) or do I have to take a baya first? Continue reading

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Bayah permission

Ya Sayyidi i humbly ask permission to accept the Bayah on Mawlanas behalf to those wanting to be mureeds of Sultan. Continue reading

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Asalamualaikum warehmatallah, I am a mureed of a Naqshbandi Sheikh…I respect him immensely…However I felt drawn towards Sheikh Nazim but I was reluctant to take bayah owing to my sheikh… Continue reading

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Following Fuqaha Outside of the Tareeqah

I have not made Bayat yet, but am interested. My main reservation is whether or not we are allowed to follow fuqaha who do not follow the Shaykh. Continue reading

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About sunna of Prophet (saws) and innovations in religion

I am trying to learn about Islam and from who do i take my religion. I’ve been, doing some naqshbandi practices, but not really knowing where do they come from. Continue reading

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As salam alaykum

As salam alykum warahamotullah wabarakatuhu,
I am [private] from Nigeria. please how can i meet my own shaykh? Continue reading

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