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Consulting Murshid for Marriage and Travel (Mercy Oceans)

In Mercy Oceans Book 2, P.19 it is written:
For a humble mureed following a murshid, if he is consulting the murshid in every matter it is good, but for three things it is a must. These are marriage, divorce, and far journeying. Continue reading

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Is it ok to use/practice the duas, dzikr or ayat (in response to questions from people who have asked for it?) or do I have to take a baya first? Continue reading

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Bayah permission

Ya Sayyidi i humbly ask permission to accept the Bayah on Mawlanas behalf to those wanting to be mureeds of Sultan. Continue reading

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Asalamualaikum warehmatallah, I am a mureed of a Naqshbandi Sheikh…I respect him immensely…However I felt drawn towards Sheikh Nazim but I was reluctant to take bayah owing to my sheikh… Continue reading

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Following Fuqaha Outside of the Tareeqah

I have not made Bayat yet, but am interested. My main reservation is whether or not we are allowed to follow fuqaha who do not follow the Shaykh. Continue reading

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About sunna of Prophet (saws) and innovations in religion

I am trying to learn about Islam and from who do i take my religion. I’ve been, doing some naqshbandi practices, but not really knowing where do they come from. Continue reading

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As salam alaykum

As salam alykum warahamotullah wabarakatuhu,
I am [private] from Nigeria. please how can i meet my own shaykh? Continue reading

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Tauba and Baya

Sheikh I’ve read wakias of sheiks in past. If the mureeds did certain haraam things they would have to renew bayah. I wanted to ask I’m very weak due to this day and age fitna does that also apply nowadays? Continue reading

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Baya with Another Shaykh

One of my friend took bayah from a shaikh but not following him ever since he took bayah. I showed him sufilive and Mawlana’s sohba and he is very interested in meeting Mawlana and take bayah. Continue reading

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Dream: Ahadith Laq’ah of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

I was asked to reach my hand out, and I did so. After a while I saw that a white globe shining brightly with white light was handed to me in my right hand. And I was told, that I am being awarded Ahadith-e-laqaa of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Continue reading

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