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Do widows wear white?

In certain religion and others the widows suffers for their husband’s death while if the wife died the husband doesn’t have to do anything. Continue reading

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What Surah to read when you making Fateha for the deceased?
What Surah to read when you making fateha for the deceased?

I was wondering if you can tell me what surah to read when we have prepared food for Fateha for the deceased to send them Eesaal e Sawaab? Continue reading

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Inheritance question

Do a man’s sister’s son inherit his property if: 1) he has only daughters; 2) he has a son and daughter; or 3) he has only sons. Continue reading

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Hajj for the deceased

Can you do Hajj for someone who has passed away if they have not instructed you or left any money to do it on there behalf? Continue reading

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Paying respects to non-Muslim deceased

Could you please advise if it is acceptable to sadakah a Fatihah to a deceased non-Muslim when paying respects in a wake? Continue reading

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Communicating with the passed ones

Is there a way by which common people like me can communicate (i mean bilateral communication) those who have passed away… Continue reading

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Dead people seen in hajj alive

A family friend who has just returned from hajj has told my… Continue reading

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khatm after death

when someone dies my family do a khatm on the 3rd day after the death and then on the 40th day, does mawlana also do this… Continue reading

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Dream of dead

My dad had a dream that someone he knew who is already is dead said to him, “I havent seen you in a long time” what does this signify? I dont however think that he replyed back to him. Continue reading

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Reciting Qur’an for Deceased – Any Benefit for Them?

My question is to do with reciting Qur’an or S YaSin, etc for relatives who have passed away. There is much debate in my family as to whether this was a practice of Prophet SAW. Continue reading

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