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I’m in my 3rd year of college and I’ve been doing extremely poorly this year. I study hard for my exams, say a prayer and I still always seem to fail while the rest of the class seems to do fine. Continue reading

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Can I see visions in zikr/dhikr by myself

In 2005 I saw a vision of gold room with gold chairs and gold table. This was when I was doing zikr/ dhikr at a work colleagues house at night just before fajr (probably Wednesday or Thursday). Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Money

I am a useless person, but i still need money to survive. Did God will for me to be penniless? I used to be very intelligent, but now my brain does not work. Is there any help for me? Continue reading

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Depression, Anger, Negativity + Ibadah

I get really depressed and sometimes get angry. I get negative thoughts especially when I’m doing dhikrullah or reading Quran or salawat. Continue reading

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Deep sadness over a man

Salam, I was talking to this man who was planning on asking my hand in marriage. Female cousins got in the way and scared him from marrying me out of envy. I was heartbroken for a year and I just found out now he is married. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Dua for Depression

Assalaam Alaykum,
Please ask Beloved Shaykh Nazim to pray for me.I have known depression since the age of 10,and it keeps coming back. It’s so bad now that I can’t function, I don’t have a job neither I feel I am worthy of anything. I feel like a loser and I have tried so many self help things but I just can’t. Please pray for my marriage as well, I have nothing in my life to live for. Please make dua for me, I don’t want to be this way, it’s a hopeless situation. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Please help me or else I will die

I’m a female. I’ve lived a troubled life since childhood which has made me a negative person. All I see is negativity. I feel nothing will go positive again. I cry over little things, get hurt badly even on small issues and blame myself for every problem. I’m under depression… Continue reading

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Need spiritual help

I have become hollow from within. My soul is dead and I am just dragging my hopeless self aimlessly. I don’t know where I am. I am away from my Lord, my Prophet (saw), my Murshid. Kindly help me, guide me. Please pray for me. Continue reading

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Dream: Being robbed in dream

My mother-in-law saw my wife being robbed in a dream, they/we are subject to much black magic and I always pray for them. Please, Ya Sayidi, pray for us and our loved ones, I am [private] and my wife [private] are going through so much stress and depression we need to be together because when we are, we are so happy Alhumdulillah… Continue reading

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Prayers and Guidance

I have a dear friend who wished to excel in Islamic studies so they went to a deobandi school and when he came back he hasn’t been the same. He is suffering… Continue reading

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