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Prayer Request: Prayer request for marriage

Sheikh Hisham, please can you make dua for me. I have had two failed marriages, recently been divorced again and have child from each marriage. I have a two months old son and an 1_ yr old daughter… Continue reading

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Sexual Honor

I have been divorced for about six months. He lied about my female honor and said that I did not come clean to him… Continue reading

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Second Marriage failed, Dreaming of MSN

I saw Maulana Sheikh Nazim in my dream one day before divorce. Continue reading

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A strong-spiritual-authority-physically present in Sham needed to guide brother

German-convert living in Dimashq agreed to marry divorcee. Our concern is, she has strong support and is in her homeland-… Continue reading

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In Vitro fertilization from divorced husband

Q: A husband and wife fertilized an egg and stored it in a fertility clinic. Since then, they have separated through divorce. The wife would like to have the fertilized egg planted in her womb now that the divorce is final. Continue reading

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