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Broken fast via unintentional ejaculation, but intentional arousal

I am ashamed to admit to a while ago I was very sexually frustrated to the point that I was even getting erections whilst praying. As a single Muslim brother, I rang someone with the intention of “some” gratification… Continue reading

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Elaborate on “dripping”

In this question, Mawlana says “Then after you finish going where you are going, you can renew your wudu. However, you have to be careful. If anything drips, then you know what you have to do”… Continue reading

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Delayed Ghusl after Intercourse

I’d like to know the ruling on delaying ghusl after the intercourse. This happens rarely when I am extremely busy and I miss prayer times because of this… Continue reading

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Problem ejaculation

First please apologise for such a question. Well my husband cannot ejaculate while… Continue reading

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Islamic rules for ladies

I have a question regarding when it is a must in the Islamic Shari’a in the Hanafi school for girls to pray 5 times daily and cover their hair in hajab? Continue reading

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Age for prayer and fast

I want to know according to Hanafi school what is the age for a boy and for a girl after which fasting in Ramadan and offering 5 daily prayers become obligatory upon him/her? Continue reading

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