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AA. My daughter aged 33 years has been suffering from what Psychiatrists say as Schizophrenia whose symptoms are similar to Sihr/ain/Asaaib. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: I request Shiekh Nazim to pray for my family and me

i have requested couple of times but i was never anwered brother,i wasa told many times that our family is suffering from black magic and i have experienced on a number of occasion my husband is posssesed when a friend performed an exercism on him. Continue reading

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Prev. quest. re: ‘there is a jinn in me’, has been solved.

Within the last week, I sent a question to you titled ‘there is a jinn in me’. By some old advice of Hajah Naziha which I implemented, the jinn has gone, alhamdulillah. Continue reading

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Dream: Cutting handy yaseen book

I had a dream that I was helping my mum get rid off some jinn that was in my house, and she was boiling a small pot of water in front of the house when she asked me to cut the handy yaseen book into half and put it into the boiling water… Continue reading

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Again marriage problems

MSH recently gave us wird for our marriage problems, but I’m ashamed to say we keep getting into heavy arguments. Continue reading

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