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Prayer Request: Iraq Terror Situation D`ash

I would like to request sayydi to pray for the situation in Iraq. Continue reading

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Dream: Taweez in the Sky

In my dream, I looked out of the window and saw a flash of bright light. Soon after, red drops of light fell form the sky…. Continue reading

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Dream: A creature

I dreamt I am driving night time (i think going towards home) a man tells me to be careful and asks me to take a different route (this time i am walking) which is faster. I take his advice and walk and keep reading Ayat Al Kursi or the 3 Kuls but i am not sure. So i keep walking and when i am taking a turn i see a black goat and i stop (its morning now) coz for a min an keep reading, then goat which turns to a creature moves aside and goes under water (a small pond) when i turn i see that the creature has turned white under water, i wave at it (like a good bye) and walk then i see the creature is helping my kids (3 kids but i am unmarried) and then i woke up. What does it mean?
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