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Adab with MSH

Alhamdulillah i have met MSN & MSH and some of the Shuyukh in spiritual. But when MSH is coming to our country, I rarely get the chance to kiss his hand… Continue reading

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Regarding Saying Salam

Please allow me to ask these questions regarding saying Salam.
1. As I am living in Dubai I see lot of people specially Arabic speaking people say Salam… Continue reading

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How should be non-Muslims dealt?

From verse 33 and 13 of al maeda we have two different ways to deal with… Continue reading

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Dream: Vision of Rasulallah

I was walking with the the Prophet Muhammad (s) peace be upon him after greeting them and i shyly held their hand and they smiled at me this made me happy we walked and the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon gave him salam to Abu Bakr Siddiq Continue reading

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