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Duaa for marriage and loyalty

I am an unmarried Muslim girl who trusted this Muslim man to keep his word of trust, loyalty and commitment. Continue reading

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Dua for Marriage

Salaams shaykh, I really want to marry this person I have committed zina with a few times. I feel really shameful and therefore only want to marry him after this disgraceful act. Continue reading

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Dream: On my Death bed and standing infront of Allah

Had a dream where I was on my deathbed and my family was gathered around me and crying but I didn’t care even a bit about them and was just worried about myself. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: End Masturbation

Today I am 21 years, and I am the addict of masturbate from last 8 years very badly.
I can’t live without doing that daily. Continue reading

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Help to move on from wrong

I am extremely guilty and regretting all my sins. I am an unmarried hijabi girl who was very practicing and straight. Until I met a guy… Continue reading

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Dead cat in the road

Today I saw a cat accident.I was coming from mosque I saw that a car hit the cat and the car didnt stop.The cat after few seconds died and the body still in the road… Continue reading

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Problem with Marriage

Please help me as you are my only hope. I mm a selfish sinner woman who followed nafs and left my 1st husband to marry someone who has made a hell of my life… Continue reading

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I am wondering that if a Muslim has done zinah in his past, how can he do kuffara for that sin… Continue reading

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Relationship before marriage

I met a girl who is also Muslim and I at the time fell in love with her… Continue reading

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Dream: Late Night prayers

I am sleeping on my bed and suddenly I wake up. I get a thought of offering “Tahajud” so I see myself pray. Continue reading

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