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Dua for Marriage

Salaams shaykh, I really want to marry this person I have committed zina with a few times. I feel really shameful and therefore only want to marry him after this disgraceful act. Continue reading

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Would Allah (swt) still punish me?

I am deeply upset. I have been running after the Awliya Allah all of my life, but everywhere I go it is exactly the same. I now want to leave this tariqa… Continue reading

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Nikah with father’s stepdaughter

My mother passed away a few years ago, and my father then married a widow who has a daughter from her previous marriage… Continue reading

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What to do?

I’m a young female 23 years old, I lost my mother recently. Now I’m looking after 3 siblings teenaged siblings. This guy and I want to get married… Continue reading

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Marriage to first cousin

Please can you advise if my marriage is valid to my cousin who is my Maternal Uncles daughter and Paternal Aunties Daughter… Continue reading

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Sex with those whom the right hand possesses

I am trapped in an impossible situation and just cannot get married. I am stuck with a bad habit too, which has reached its limit. I am on the verge of fornication… Continue reading

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Unmarried woman and sexual needs

If a woman is of middle age, healthy and able to engage in sexual activity and… Continue reading

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