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Vastu Shastra / Feng Shui / Thuraab Science

An Islamic scholar specialized in thuraab and Islamic architecture told us that there are problems in our house. Our main entrance door when opened faces the staircase, and he said we must change the door to middle where we face windows… Continue reading

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Dreams: Holy Ka`bah and Jinn

I’ve been seeing jinns in my dreams recently but last night I saw Kaaba in my dream and I looked up at the sky and it was there…whole reflection of it that we see of haram shareef was visible on beautiful white clouds with blue background sky. Continue reading

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The practice of ‘Haaziri’ (URGENT)

We would first like to offer our condolences to the eShaykh staff on the passing of our Sultan Q.S.
We are hoping if Sayyidi Sheikh Hisham or any of the scholars could shed some light on the practice of ‘Haaziri’. Continue reading

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What are the gender of Jinns, the anti-Christ and shaytan?

What are the gender of jinns, the anti-Christ and shaytan? I just want to know because I’m sure many non-Muslims were thinking of that.
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Djinns treatment

There is a person in my locality claiming that awliya Allah help him and also says that he inherited this from ancestors, he has a very strange method of removing djinss, he wears lots of tasbihs around his neck during the process,he brings his patients to the sea side at night… Continue reading

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Dream: Murderer with corpse parts

I’ve dreamt this for decades now. I’m a killer fleeing with a bag of dismembered body parts which I have already dumped or am about to. There’s a definite bad jinn presence not in the dream but in my bed preventing my sleep. When it fails, the dreams follow. Continue reading

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Please could you advise re: suitors

I am suffering from Schizophrenia type illness. Suitors want to talk to me ,see me on Skype. My father won’t allow this; he is deliberately cruel to me, as is my mother.I am kept ‘under surveillance’ at all times. Continue reading

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Unexplainable feelings and mysterious feelings

I wanted to ask I keep having weird dreams and especially when I sleep in my own bedroom I feel as if someone else or more than one thing is in my room… Continue reading

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Need urgent advice

My brother says he can do hazari of jinn in people who have already been possessed in the past. He can ask them why they have been sent. Then he can either convert them or burn them… Continue reading

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Asking for prayers due to Jinns

The voices I hear initiated from gossip and now I only hear them speaking in my ears and seeing images with my eyes closed (if I concentrate on them). I go to the toilet often on myself and feel skin turning into snake scales… Continue reading

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