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Tai Al Lisan

Can Anyone Prove Or Provide Evidence When Shiekh Nazim Al Haqqani Has Said He Is Sultan Of Auliya? Continue reading

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khatm after death

when someone dies my family do a khatm on the 3rd day after the death and then on the 40th day, does mawlana also do this… Continue reading

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Reciting Qur’an for Deceased – Any Benefit for Them?

My question is to do with reciting Qur’an or S YaSin, etc for relatives who have passed away. There is much debate in my family as to whether this was a practice of Prophet SAW. Continue reading

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How to remove evil jinn from new house
Comment chasser un mauvais jinn d’une nouvelle maison?

Q: We found a house that is very nice, similar in style to the home of MSH in MI. However, when we viewed it I (and two of the children) felt that there was an evil presence(s) in it.[fr]Ma femme a révé que Mawlana Cheikh Hisham nous a rendu visite pour bénir une maison dans laquelle nous devions déménagé…[/fr] Continue reading

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Khatm Quran gathering

Q: Is it permitted to hold a gathering to celebrate the completion of khatm of the Quran? Continue reading

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