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Janaza on unborn baby

A friend mureed wife just got a miscarriage few minutes ago. She was 5 to 6 months pregnant. Is Janaza obligatory for age? Please we are waiting for your answer to proceed.
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Pregnancy/ Avoid Miscarraige

Following advice from e-shaykh I made the intention that once my wife is pregnant we shall slaughter 3 goats and distribute under the name mentioned. Once pregnant I arranged for this but after few days my wife miscarried. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Pray for child

Since we have suffered miscarriage in january and Oct 2011. Both occasions my wife suffered abdominal, lower back, cramping, and shoulder pain, Both miscarriages occured between 10 to 12 weeks into the pregnancy… Continue reading

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Job and children

I want Shaykh Hisham Sahaab to especially answer the question. My full name is… Continue reading

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Dream: Twins

A few years ago, my wife and I visited MS Nazim (q) in Cyprus and proceeded for Umrah thereafter… Continue reading

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Dream: Wheat fields

After I had a miscarriage in a dream I heard a voice saying, “Don’t be sad. Everything that comes from you will be like this”. Continue reading

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