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Brazilian Monarchy

I was very happy when listened Mawlana S. Nazim speaking about monarchy… Continue reading

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Great kings had wise or prophets to guide them

Acknowledging the words of our beloved Sheikh Nazim as wisdom form the divine, may Allah forgive me for this question. Secularism started as a despair. In Europe most religious people were like animals… Continue reading

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should we strive for monarchy/caliphate in islamic world

Assalam u alayekum Sheikh Hisham !
last summer i met some people including my cousin who aked me to join them as they were running a campaign (although it is on very small scale uptill now) to bring caliphate/monarchy in Pakistan.At that time i argued with them and denied to join them because i has interpreted to do this from a dream and also i had my reservations that they will probably promote wahhabism and salafism if they ever succeed.They gave some refrences from Quran and hadith in opposition of parliamentary jurisdiction.?(Syedi you had also disagreed with the idea earlier in an interview to ‘geo tv Pakistan’)
now that after Maulana Sheikh Nazim’s recent summary has come on egypt scenario,should i join them to promote their cause i.e to bring back monarchy/islamic jurisdiction and should i strive with them leaving the matter of their intentions to Allah
shukran ya syyedi. Continue reading

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