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Aidan permissible name?

Assalamu alaikum,
I am just curious as to whether Aidan is a permissible name for a Muslim? Continue reading

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Is Daniyal a permissable Muslim name?

I am a Christian European woman married to a Muslim Egyptian man. We are expecting a baby boy. Our son is going to live in our both countries. That is why, we want to chose for him a Muslim name with good meaning but also reflecting our both cultures. Continue reading

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I have read that the Persians did not change their names and that the Prophet (PBUH) only changed the names of his companions when it was related to paganism. My name means one who has Christ in his heart… Continue reading

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Naming a baby

Please could you advise me on whether it is okay to have the name Jibrail as i have been informed that it is not recommended…
Continue reading

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Naming Children after Angels

Is this true in regards to naming children after the Malaaika ? Continue reading

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Prayer Request: change of name

A friend of mine want to change his name Benjamin and his wife name Dolly to a… Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Change of Name..

I am requesting your favor to change my name from [private] to an Islamic name… Continue reading

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Muslim Name

I have always wanted a Muslim name, but was unsure of how to go about it. Continue reading

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