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Strange phenomenon MSH and MSN

I experienced this phenomenon, I saw appearing many men faces age between 25 and 35 I would say looking all very much alike but not similar and wearing shorts black beards and green turbans and green vest I think, Naqshbandi styles… Continue reading

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Dream: Shaykh Hisham, the door to Prophet (saw)

We had dhikr May 7th after Shaykh Nazim passed away. In dhikr I saw a vision with Sultan and Shaykh Hisham. We were in Madina. Prophet (saw) door opened. Continue reading

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Dream: Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) & Prophet Isa ( pbuh)

I had a dream in which I saw a gathering of a lot of men in a city located in some desert where houses are made up of mud & clay. I am standing in the middle of the gathering in the front wearing a light sky blue colour kurta & the people started shouting & claiming that Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) has come… Continue reading

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Secret in Abu Bakr RA Heart

salam !
Is there any hadith or athar that Prophet sallallahu alaihe wasallam put the secret in Abu Bakr RA’s heart? Plz give me its references. Continue reading

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Dream: Prophet (SAW) feet

I was in the Holy mosque of Habeeb (SAW) and there were lots of people and inside the mosque there were big flat screens on which a video was being played. Nobody saw the video except me. Continue reading

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Dilema in choosing a wife

As I am looking for a wife I’m confronted with a certain social reality: among the salafists I find in my poor working class neighbourhood many modest, practical decent simple minded shari3a binded gloves and niqab wearing salafist who look at their shoes. Continue reading

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I have read that the Persians did not change their names and that the Prophet (PBUH) only changed the names of his companions when it was related to paganism. My name means one who has Christ in his heart… Continue reading

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Prophet’s (SAW) Surgery

I just wanted to ask a question regarding the nature and wisdom behind the surgery performed on our Prophet Muhammad(SAW) before Isra-wal-Meraj by Jibreel(as)… Continue reading

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Advice from sheikh Gibril Haddad

We were studying Surah Al Munafiqoun with [private] and there is a verse saying that Allah SWT will never ever forgive them. This troubled me a lot… Continue reading

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Dream: Seeing Propeht (s) in Journey of Mi`raj

I saw an elegant person with shining face (in 40s,dark black med. beard, & white clothes) going toward some kind of rocket, I m saying 2 myself:”WHY RASOOLALLAH S SITING ALONE, WHERE IS JIBRAEEL?” Continue reading

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