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Young Adults Among Banu Qurayzah

Shaytan is using this topic to affect my Iman. What I fear most is doubts about my faith. My question is regarding the Banu Qurayzah. I understand the punishment was meant for for those who were treacherous, but the following hadith is bothering me. Continue reading

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Hadith on the punishment of a woman who does not want to cover her hair

I have someone asked me about this hadith. What is the ulama’ opinion about it? Continue reading

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Sharia punishments for women

A representative of Mawlana Shaykh Nazim said that a sharia punishments(such as execution for murder and chopping off hands for stealing) cant be carried out on Muslim women in a Islamic state. Continue reading

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I had an affair, please advise

I am married but I had an affair. I do not love my wife anymore but I don’t know how to tell her. Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Punishment for doing black magic

I want to know what is the punishment for people who are intentionally doing black magic to control people. My brother knows his wife is doing black magic but is blindly not accepting as is very painful for him to go ahead with a divorce as he also has a child. Continue reading

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Illegal Sexual Intercourse

I loved a guy in my college. We had illegal sex during the final year of my study. We had it just once… But I didn’t know it’s a very big sin,,. Continue reading

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Tribulatons and Tests

I wanted to know about why some people are tested severely and others not so much? Continue reading

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It is said disobedience to parents brings punishment twice,… Continue reading

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Dream: Woman got burn.

Someone had a dream that he saw the woman he love is tied with chain, burning with fire on desert like having azaab from God… Continue reading

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