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Zakat to non-Muslims

Can you give zakat to non-Muslims that are starving? I do it anyway because I can’t stand it for them to be hungry. Continue reading

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Dream: Please help my mother!

My mother had dream and saw her younger sister and late father. There was a coffin being taken away she never saw but knew it was a far relative (who recently died in real life) then mother saw … Continue reading

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Regarding Sadaqa, taweez and about marriage

Is doing something good with the intention of sadaqa such as helping others considered sadaqa, or sadaqa by giving money only? Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Brother who has severe mental illness

My brother has been in hospital for 6 months now with a very severe mental illness. He was first diagnosed with severe depression and has been on medication although we have been seeking spiritual treatment… Continue reading

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(1) my enthousiasm and willingness for deen changes everyday, e.g: one day I wake up with full vigour and envy for deen and other I loose the energy or I feel sad or desperate for nothing, etc.. Continue reading

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Late Zakat

If someone forgot to pay zakat one year, when does he pay? Is it permitted to pay more than what is due as zakat, and if so is it considered sadaqa? Continue reading

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Donation Intention

I need to make expiation for breaking a promise. If I want to feed people, can I do it through SufiLive donation? And, if so, what should I put for the reason of donation… Continue reading

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Charity & Doing good to others

We live a basic, solitary life with little interaction with others.Is it important to help others? Continue reading

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Should I proceed with Hysterectomy?

I have been having difficulties with my menstrual cycle for most of my life and going on the pill after being married did not make things better… Continue reading

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Charity on the Way

Last month while I was traveling to attend my sheik house for gathering of sama on the way I saw a women with 2 children begging… Continue reading

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