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We as the new generation write the salawat after prophet alaihi salam’s name as “(s)” and “saw” and “saaw” or “pbuh”. In Arabic we write just the “saad”. I’ve came across some references that says it’s kufr to write it like that and the person is kafir. Continue reading

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My life has become a hell

Slm, Sir I’m from Karachi, Pakistan. I want to become mureed of Molanas of this organization. My mother is suffering from SLE N RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS for 2 years. Tell me any dua so she get well soon. Continue reading

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Increase Daily Awrad – Wird

I felt inspired and increased my step because I felt I could recite more daily. I didn’t ask ijaza for this. What should I do with regards to my situation as I have come to enjoy reading such an abundance of salawat… Continue reading

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Sweet Smell

I have a sweet smell which comes into my room sometimes, I have noticed it is every time I am doing salawat. A few months back I was really concentrating on my salawats and doing it daily, when I used to… Continue reading

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Spiritual Wazaif & Salawat

I’m mureed in Qadariya/Razawiya silsilah and I wanted to know if we can change the Salawat shareef that are to be read in spiritual waizaf or do we need to fix 1 salawat and keep reading only that one? Continue reading

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Merits of durood sharif

What are the merits for reciting durood in abundance? What kind of number is understood as abundant. I know merits for durood up to 1000 times daily as being the reader… Continue reading

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Stroke attack

My sister had a stroke attack 3 months ago. She’s recovering slowly. Besides hospital treatment, is there anything else that we can do to help her, especially spiritually? Continue reading

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Tasawwur & tayy al-lisan

I wanted to ask how to make my tasawar e sheikh stronger that when I close eyes I see them…I read about 20, 000 salawat e khizri, and wanted to ask is it ok to read fast or not? Continue reading

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Number of Salawat

If you read Salawat Al Fatih once it’s equivalent to reading salawat 600,000 times. If I read this instead of reading salawaat thousands of time will the Salawat Al Fatih be accepted… Continue reading

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Prayer Request: Is there Any Dua or Salawat which I can say?

Is there any special Dua or Special Salawat , i can say if i want to see Prophet Muhammad (SalAllahu Alaihi wassallam) in my dream… Continue reading

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