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Seafood in Hanafi Madhab

I am writing to ask whether eating seafood, such as shrimps, is allowed in the Hanafi madhab?? Continue reading

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Shafi`i position on shellfish

Q: Wat is the position of Imam Shafi`i on eating shellfish?
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female circumcision

Q: I hear a lot about female circumcision in Islam and wondered why if women have to do it why is it not widespread among Muslim women, or is the practice of mainly Africans Egypt etc. Continue reading

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Non-practicing husband

Q: My husband is Shi’a and I am Sunni of the Shafi’i school of thought. I am practicing but he and his family do not. However he is Mulsim and believes in Allah (swt) and the prophets and is sincerely a good person. Continue reading

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Takbirat of Eid

There are two type of dhikr during Eid days… Which one is valid according to sunnah ? Continue reading

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Make-up Prayers When Traveling

Q: When we travel 50 miles we only [pray] two rakats. Suppose we don’t do these rakats when we arrived at destination. We go back home. Do we then 2 or we do replace it with the normal number of fard rakaates? Continue reading

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Fasting: Why Stop Eating 10 Minutes Before Fajr (Imsak)?

Q: Most books of fiqh seem to state that the wajib time to begin fasting is at the true dawn (when the second adhan in pronounced)….?

A: This is not a ‘requirement’ but, rather, a recommendation, for the reason you mentioned… Continue reading

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